Bithyah Israel                      Founder and President

Barbara J. Dawson              Board Chair

Paul Alexander                    Business Operations

Drew Dawson                      Communications

Tara Register                       Parent Committee

Alex Reid                             Public Relations

Doug Rich                           Treasurer/Technology

Heidi Berman

Dr. Michael R. Britt

Glen Campbell

Michael Finnegan

Web Designer

Cristobal Cruz Garcia

Berklee College of Music student

Bailey Gordon
Berklee College of Music Student

Herman Hampton
Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music

Alfred E Haywood III

Lasell College Marketing/Management Department

Ted Lewis
Social Media Advisor and Video Production

Orlando B. Lightfoot, M.D

Lura Smith
Assistant to the President and Founder, The Lura Smith Fund
Middlesex Community College

Marshall White

Founder/CEO Unity Performing Arts Foundation

Ingrid Wolfson

Strategist and Executive Coach

City Strings United
wishes to thank
the numerous community members
​who provide expertise to our 
 inspiring program.

board members

City Strings United, Inc. 
P.O. Box 95123
​Newton, MA 02495

Advisory committee