PARENTS and families

Welcome to City Strings and thank you for choosing this program for your child.

Becoming a musician is very rewarding and helps us develop discipline, focus, poise, and confidence in presenting to the public.  

We encourage you to join us for class, and encourage your student to practice most days of the week. Make sure there is a time and space in your child's schedule for uninterrupted practice. 

You play a vital role in your child's musical development.  Learning an instrument takes time and patience, and you can encourage him or her along the way. One very important element in this journey is self-directed practice. It is very important that practice becomes a daily routine in your child's life. It is important that it becomes a habit to take the instrument out and play exercises introduced in class.  

Please provide a quiet time and place where cello practice can take importance.  Please make sure electronics and other distractions are not on at this time. Your student will develop at a steady pace when excellent practice habits are observed.


Congratulations on becoming a musician! It is very rewarding to learn to share your talents with others!

Please protect your instrument from extreme temperatures, such as in a hot or cold car.  Keep your instrument in a safe place and make sure to loosen your bow after playing.

It is important that you practice most days of the week. This way, you give yourself the best opportunity to learn new skills, and gain confidence!

If you experience any problem or accidental damages with your cello, please call your instructor. 

Practice is important, so please spend time playing the material we cover in class at home.  The more often you play, the better you'll be!

Have a question or idea?  Feel free to email your instructor at